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We are pleased to share that more than 1000 of Scopus and SCI articles have been published  through the ISVE reputed conferences such as NCCS-2015 to NCCS-2019, MCCS-2015 to MCCS-2020, MCMI-2020 and numbers of articles are in que such as NCCS-2020 to NCCS-2022, MCCS2021 to MCCS-2022, MCMI-2021 to MCMI-2022 and NMIC-2021 to NMIC-2022 . ISVE creating a database for our alumni who learned, trained and published their article in Scopus LNEE Springer and extended version in SCI  Journals are welcome here in this group. Not limited to authors, reviewers, session chairs and national and international committee members, and moderators have a also an important role to make an article to published in Scopus book series LNEE Springer and SCI Journals listed on ISVE website. At present this is best technical forum where  the students and teachers are prepared for publishing good quality articles and startups, innovations and entrepreneurship. We wish to invite our alumni who passed through this system to help to society. We will pay the honorarium as well. We also invite to help in NEP-2020.

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